Sayadaw U Tejaniya

Sayadaw U Tejaniya began his Buddhist training as a young teenager in Burma under the late Shwe Oo Min Sayadaw (1913–2002). After a career in business and life as a householder, he has become a permanent monk since 1996. He teaches meditation at Shwe Oo Min Dhamma Sukha Forest Meditation Center in Yangon, Myanmar.

Sayadaw’s relaxed demeanor and easy sense of humor can belie a commitment to awareness he encourages his students to apply in every aspect of their lives. His earlier life as a householder gives him a rare insight into the challenges faced by his lay students. His books, “Don’t Look Down on the Defilements, They Will Laugh at You”, “Awareness alone is not Enough” and “Dhamma Everywhere: Welcoming each Moment with Awareness+Wisdom” aptly characterize his teachings—accessible and true to the traditional teachings of the Buddha.


Shwe Oo Min Meditation Center

This modern meditation center built on over 6 acres of land, a vision of Shwe Oo Min Sayadaw, was constructed by the generous donations of many. The first hall was completed in February 1999 with many additional buildings being added through 2004. Far from traffic and people, in the shade of the forest rests this center, a place to live in the joy of the Dhamma.


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